Bullying Game Draft

Finally, my game comes to life! This game aims to make the player understand that bullying comes in different forms, whether directly or indirectly. Bullying is always a choice. You have the option of being mean and hurtful to others, or being respectful, inclusive, and considerate to everyone, for yourself and for the people. The game offers the player situations and options that allows him/her to weigh their actions and face their consequences. Thus, the player starts to develop an awareness towards having the option of being decent and not enjoying inflicting insecurities on others. 

Bullying is not just verbal or physical insult. It is the way we look upon others, judge others, and exclude others. This game is mainly to help offenders and others acknowledge that they can always do better, become better, and act better. 

Enjoy the game and let me know about your opinions or any suggestions. Anything you faced before?

Here’s the link to my game.


Clarification: this game is not by any means gender biased. It does not present only girls as bullies, or guys as bullied. The characters are only part of the story line.

Also all pictures are cited in “hover text”


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